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About Drink Coffer - Drink Coffer

We are getting this question quite often from people who never heard of coffer before, they all want to know what coffer really is. Well, we completely understand that, and we are more than happy to give you an answer. That’s why we have decided to make this article where we will be able to talk about coffer and hopefully answer all of your questions that you might have. Before we get into what coffer is, we would like to give you an insight of our history, how it all started.


It all started when we fist discovered coffer about 20 years ago, at that time we didn’t know what an opportunity we had in our hands. Luckily for us, we made all the right choices and steps that allowed us to reach this type of success in a very short amount of time. Of course, nothing would be possible without coffer and we are very happy to be one of the best coffer selling companies in the world.

What is Coffer?

Coffer is the world’s first naturally carbonated cold brew coffee.

What makes Coffer unique?

Coffer tastes clean, smooth, and is never bitter.  Our exclusive, precise aging process adds a distinct complexity to the cold brew.  The micro-bubbles open the aromas up, resulting in a refreshing yet rich coffee beverage.

Professional Preparation

coffee preparationOne of the other things that you must have if you want to taste the real thing is a professional preparation process. Not everyone is able to prepare coffer the right way and that can result in poor taste. Well, if you even decide to visit us, then you will have the chance to taste the world’s best coffer because we know all the tricks to preparing it just right. We have many years of experience and that allows us to prepare this special coffee just for our customers.

The taste of coffer is quite unique, and you will never forget it because it is such a good taste. once you try it out, you will fall for it and you will most likely come in regularly just to get you daily coffer.


Fizz, effervescence, call it as you please.  Our all-natural process creates fine, silky carbonation. This meticulous technique transforms the cold brew coffee delicately.

How is natural carbonation different?

There are coffee soda products on the market that either force-carbonate coffee or simply mix coffee with soda water.  Instead, our aging process involves all-natural ingredients and a bit of patience.  We choose not to force-carbonate our product because we feel that coarser bubbles detract from the flavor and texture.

What’s the best way to drink Coffer?

Enjoy Coffer in a cold tall glass, mixed into cocktails, or even over ice cream.

* A tiny amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle is the natural remnant of our brewing and aging process.  Feel free to drink it – or leave it!

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