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Dating without commitments – A viable way to live - Drink Coffer

The term “sugar daddy” has been around for more than the internet. It always represented an older wealthy individual who finds young women to date. Girls that hook up with men like that are better known as “gold diggers” as they are in the relationship for money.

This type of behavior was frowned upon in the past, but times change and thus this changed as well. Some people will still look at sugar daddies and their partners in a wrong way, but the majority of people with the access to the internet will find that reasonable. That is, as long as there is a mutual understanding that the relationship is built on the fact that the man is rich and the girl is beautiful.

Sugar daddy – the latest dating trend

dating trendsDating sites evolve, and this one is specialized for men and women who know what they want. Specifically, this is a site that connects people who aren’t interested in love. Sugar daddies want girls and women that will be intimate with them in more than just a physical way. They want someone to talk with as well as someone who will join them on business travels and similar things. Sugar babies want money as well as everything else that comes with a relationship with a wealthy man. But, money usually isn’t their only goal. Many choose this path because it gives them access to places and people. This allows them to create a network of connections which can help them down the road.

Media is quite harsh on people that use this form of service to get in touch with someone who won’t fall in love during the relationship. Less than a dozen of sugar baby websites exist, and that means that this form of getting together isn’t as wide-spread as some people think. Many people hear about this from various news sites. Majority of those badmouth this type of thing. They don’t take facts into considerations when writing articles that turn men into monsters and girls into powerless victims.

Negative popularity – Falsehood against honesty

Many news sites gather viewership by working on subjects that are on margins of being illegal. They tend to make absurd assumptions and disregard truth to make their articles a bit more interesting.

Those sites talk badly about men who become sugar daddies, saying that they don’t value women and that they just want their bodies. This is partially true. But men that engage in this form of activity are chasing their careers, and they don’t have time for meaningful relationships.

They also talk about girls and some even call them prostitutes. If they did some research, then they would find that becoming a sugar baby is much more than providing sex for money. Girls that do this want something more from their life and having a wealthy partner helps them. Student debt, being a single mother and being unable to find a good job position due to lack of connections are just some of the reasons girls and women choose to become sugar babies.

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