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Miami restaurant with happy hours - Drink Coffer

If you are a food lover and you love spending time and money in the best restaurants in Miami, you might want to put into your consideration one of the finest restaurants that the city has to offer. Balans restaurant and bar offers the highest quality dishes of all sorts and a very rich menu of drinks and this restaurant is most famous for its happy hours that are held during the whole week.

With four locations all over Miami, you will be able to enjoy the finest food, drinks, and service at the most affordable prices whenever you want.

miami best restaurantsSince this is the best happy hour restaurant in Miami, you will just love their selection of food, wine, beer and other favorites. With nine dishes on the small plates menu, five favorite drinks and house selection of wines, and with the most affordable prices imaginable, this is a place that will simply astound you.

The ambient is really nice, the atmosphere will improve your mood and the food is just godly. There are various discounts and each of the four locations has something special to offer.

The happy hour menu is amazing

If you like Sriracha-BBQ Chicken Wings or Chicken Quesadilla and fancy drinks made to make your juices flow, Balans restaurant is the right place for you. Their fridays happy hour menu is particularly good and this is one of the best places in Miami for desserts, dinners, lunch, brunch, and breakfast.

Still, the best day to pay a visit to this amazing restaurant would be on Friday when their special happy hour menu offers drinks and food unlike anywhere else in the city and at the most affordable prices.

The best thing about Friday happy hour is that it is a late night happy hour that lasts until closing. This is simply a perfect opportunity for having a good time while enjoying the most delicious specialties this restaurant has to offer. If you decide to pay a visit to their Lincoln Road locations in South Beach, that would be a very wise choice. South Beach is stunningly beautiful during the day and in the night and it is a favorite location for both visitors and locals.

Their casual brasserie ambiance will give you a nice and cozy feel and if you choose to sit outside, you can enjoy the view. The global menu here is more than amazing with amazing favorites like Thai red curry, mushroom risotto or Churrasco. Affordable and comfortable prices, sumptuous food, this will all contribute to making an outstanding experience of something simple like visiting a restaurant.

Still, the greatest men of this world used to say that the smallest things make our lives great and if you love spending time eating delicious food, enjoying fine drinks and simply having a good time in a nice restaurant, that is exactly what you should do. That is why paying a visit to Balans restaurant would be the highest recommendation.

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