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About Us - Drink Coffer

About Us

Drink CofferWe have created this blog with the goal to introduce new people to coffer because everyone deserves to know what is the best tasting coffee in the world. Of course, also we wanted to promote our company because nowadays, it is really hard to find a quality online coffee shop. We have started making coffer for customers a long time ago, and during this long period of time, we have gathered a lot of experience that allows us now to provide the best coffee beverage in the world. It takes much more than just the right equipment to make a good tasting coffer. You need to have a really dedicated and professional team of experts who know exactly how to prepare this beverage.

We have been very lucky to have found and put together the dream team that works perfectly together without any issue. Their experience, when put together, allows us to provide the best possible service and of course, the greatest coffer that you have ever tasted.

Kevin Chen Creator & Owner

With a background in industrial engineering and other uncouth shenanigans, Kevin is the owner and creator of Coffer. He put a lot of his money to create Coffer. He has spent a vast amount of his time taking commonplace objects, finding ways to reinterpret them, and put his own spin on things. Most of the time, the trials stemmed from having a plethora of leftovers in the fridge and a low tolerance of eating the same thing more than twice.  Coffer, on the other hand, grew from his passion for experimenting with coffee.  He’s excited for you to try his finely-tuned creation.

Melody Fury Director of Relations

This professional restaurant writer and bar scribe brings spunk to the team.  Melody’s articles and photography have been published in numerous high-profile culinary and lifestyle publications.  She also founded a successful culinary tour business in her hometown, Vancouver in 2010.  Having established meaningful relationships with industry professionals, she will utilize her outgoing personality and compelling communication skills to connect Coffer with the media and the public.  When she has a moment to breathe, she enjoys fresh seafood, craft cocktails & stimulating conversations. She is one of the most valuable team members that we have.

David Salinas Creative Director

David is an illustrator by trade specializing in product design and branding. Eon’s ago he worked extensively as a barista with about 8 years of experience under his belt. Having so much experience has a very huge importance. Once his design clientele began to build up he eventually and quite reluctantly set aside his barista apron and took to his drafting table.  Now he works feverishly refining his skills in hand drawn typography & ephemera.  Although quite obsessed with design & illustration he does often pine for that old barista apron. So, for the last decade he’s made the most of being a home coffee enthusiast and keeping a pulse of brewing trends, products and techniques.  He’s an illustrator at heart but he’s never lost sight of his first love…..COFFEE!

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